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Ad Blue Delete

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Many HGV's, commercial vehicles and buses are fitted with an SRC system which stands for Selective Catalytic Reduction. The system uses a fluid made from Urea also known as AdBlue which is the trade name for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). This system is designed to inject Adblue into the catalytic convertor to reduce the exhaust emissions. However the minimal amount that the system reduces the emissions is often not worth the trouble and extreme costs that the system can create. Not only is Adblue expensive (around 5-15% of fuel costs) but the system is also extremely prone to expensive faults. In fact the typical repair bill of an adblue system is over £2000 because the system is usually one complete unit including the ECU, Pump, valves etc. 

How is it disabled?

There are two options to removing the system from the vehicle, the first is effectively remapping the engine ecu and removing all traces of the control software for the Ad Blue system and the other option is to fit an emulator device that simulates the signals of a fully working Ad Blue system and sends these systems back to the ECU. 

We choose to fit the emulator to the vehicle for many reasons including; ease of fitment, easy to remove, easy to diagnose faults, the ability to switch on and proven reliability.


Switchable System:

With the use of the Ad Blue emulator we can easily add a switch that can disable or enable the AdBlue system. This switch can be in the CAB of the vehicle or somewhere externally. Obviously this can only be done if the physical Ad Blue system is to left on the vehicle but we do recommend it.


Physical Removal:

When the emulator is fitted the physical Ad Blue system including exhaust box, Ad Blue pump & controller, wiring and pipe work can all be removed from the vehicle, it can then be either sold or kept as a spare unit. This is ideal for trucks going for export to countries with lesser emissions requirements or for any other reason when the truck no longer needs the system fitted.