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Trucks & HGVs

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We offer a wide range of services for Trucks including our Remapping & Chip Tuning service we also can remove, disable and modify AdBlue systems. As well as this we offer a range of Auto electrical services including wiring extra lights, equipment, camera systems, safety equipment and much more. We can travel to you or fit at our fully equipped workshop. We also offer discounts for the trade and fleet operators such as body shops, dealers, workshops and haulage operators.

Remapping & Chip Tuning:

Remapping and Chip Tuning can be a massive benefit to Trucks and HGVs not only can you gain massive amounts of power and torque but you can save thousands on fuel every year. Gaining power and torque will complexly transform your vehicle, quicker acceleration, more overtaking power and better pulling up hills. Many operators also save thousands of pounds by buying a lesser power truck and getting it remapped to the same power as a higher spec vehicle, this is no different to what the manufacturer does at the factory. For all of your Remapping and Chip Tuning needs please give us a call.


AdBlue Removal:

Most newer HGV's are fitted with AdBlue systems with the intention of lowering exhaust emissions, however the difference in emission levels is so minimal the high cost of the AdBlue chemical and the fact that the system is very prone to expensive failures the disadvantages majorly outweigh any benefits of having the system. We can disable this system completely from HGVs so the system can be removed all together or it can be left on with no sign of it being tampered with. No engine lights, no loss of power, massive cost savings and no more hassle! So for what ever reason you need a Adblue system removed or modified we can help. Click here for more info.


Extra lighting:

We can install many extra lighting systems and products to all vehicles, 5th wheel and loading lights, high power reverse lights, long throw high beams, driving and spot lights, blind spot lights and much more. We can also install many types of beacon and warning lights such and roof mounted strobes and beacons and rear, front and side beacons and flashing strobes. We can add any type of switch in any location, we use manufacturer switches and relays and make our wiring to look like it was factory fitted. Many types of warning lights can also be fitted. 


Camera Systems:

We can install many camera systems to all types of vehicles, HGVs and trucks often need many cameras and screens. We can install cameras for reversing, blind spots, loading, hitching up and forward facing cameras. We can install either one screen with switchable inputs or multiple screens so multiple cameras can be viewed at the same time we can also install large screens with a split screen function. We also have a selection of forward facing cameras that are now a requirement for most insurance companies. For all of your camera requirements we can help.


Warning systems:

Many many waring systems are now available for all types of commercial vehicle, we can install many systems such as overhead power lines, pedestrian and cyclist, proximity / parking sensors, body tipped and many other warning systems. Systems can be installed to alert the driver or the public or both this is useful for applications such as cyclist warning systems. For any type of warning system we can help so contact us now.


Aftermarket Equipment:

We can install many types of aftermarket equipment to trucks, hgv's and commercial vehicles, such as navigation systems, radios with aux in and out, digital radios, CB's, hands free phone systems and much more. So for any requirement please contact us.


GPS Tracking:

When you purchase an expensive vehicle it is only natural you want to protect it. In 2008 alone, according to the UK Home Secretary, over 15,700 vehicles were stolen as a result of the keys being taken through burglary. A further 2,900 drivers were robbed to obtain keys. We can fit the latest tracking technology to any vehicle, so in the event of the robbery it is tracked by a team of experts in UK offices, this information is passed onto the police in real time in order to retrieve your vehicle. We also offer tracking solutions to fleet owners to enable you to keep location of your vehicles in real time so you can see where they are, when and where they are stopping  so you can kept track of them.


Alarm systems:

Some times the standard Alarm system on a vehicle just doesn't cut it some cases or sometimes the standard one has to removed and sometimes it may not have one at all. For Vehicles that does not have one such as a Classic vehicle or custom vehicle we can install an Alarm and/or Immobiliser system, from a simple Alarm with a couple sensors and a remote key fob right up to the latest system with tracking built in, phone and text message alerts, cameras built in and loads more. For vehicles with an alarm that is not quite good enough we can disable the original one and then install another one which is much more suitable. For any Alarm or Security system we can help.